Thesis laboratory

The Tesi Laboratory supports the drawing up of the final project according to the assumptions of the One-cycle Degree Course Degree in Building-Engineering Engineering.

The activities that take place during the Laboratory allow students to integrate the knowledge gained during ordinary lessons, finalizing them and systematizing them to the development of the individual final project, as defined by the rapporteur.

The total activity amounts to 300 hours and the frequency is compulsory. The Laboratory is active throughout the academic year. The classroom dedicated to the activities of the Laboratory is at the A level of the Engineering Faculty (Building 29 of the Campus Map).

The activities that take place in the Laboratory are of two types:

  • Cultural integrations, usually carried out on Thursday afternoons from 16 to 18; These are conferences and seminars held by professionals and companies in the world of architecture and construction, to offer students a first concrete contact with the world of work; The conference program is defined at the beginning of each semester by the Tesi Lab Manager and updated also as a function of significant cultural events for the design of the designer that were not anticipated at the time of the preventive programming; Specialist reviews, held by professionals and researchers, specialists of the various issues that are to be faced in the design of a thesis; The skills concern architectural design, urban design, structural design and plant engineering.
  • Revisions are made by booking according to the availability schedule defined with the professionals at the beginning of each semester.

RESPONSIBLE: prof. Alessandro Greco (