Doppio Titolo con la UJI, Universitat Jaume I di Castellon de la Plana (Spagna)

The Double Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture between the University of Pavia and the UJI in Castellon de la Plana is an educational plan that gives participants the title of:

  • “MS in Building Engineering” with EU recognition;
  • “MS in Architecture” with EU recognition;
  • “Grado en Arquitectura Tecnica” in Spain.

This program allows students of Pavia to spend one year in their studies in Castellon de la Plana (also through the Erasmus + project) acquiring at the end of their university career in Pavia also the spanish title of Arquitecto Tecnico, a professional figure with advanced technical expertise in the field of construction site and building management.

The agreement between the two universities also allows Spanish students with degree at UJI to complete their studies in Pavia according to a defined study plan.

Access to the double title is made through a selection defined by a joint committee between the two universities involved.

RESPONSIBLE: Prof. Carlo Berizzi


List of courses in UJI for student from Pavia