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The Degree course in Architecture Engineering in Pavia is a five-year course combining the knowledge of civil engineering training with architecture. The aim of the course is to train professionals able to design and architectural work as a whole, incorporating architectural, technological, structural and environmental aspects. The course in Pavia has been active since 1998 (first in Italy with Aquila and Rome) and has a strong vocation for internationalization offering various mobility opportunities during the studies at major universities in the world, offering some English lessons and activating Two international titles in China and Spain. Graduates at the degree program in Pavia can enroll both in the Professional Register of Engineers and Architects.

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University of Pavia

The University of Pavia was born in 1361 and is one of the oldest in Italy. With about 23,000 students, 50 departments, 35 libraries, 6 university museums, offers a complete teaching offer in the various fields of research and knowledge.

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Studying in Pavia

Pavia is a city of about 70,000 inhabitants, 30 km from Milan with which it is well connected thanks to the railway passage. Its old town was developed in Roman times along the Ticino River and has been the capital of the Lombard kingdom for more than 3 centuries. It is a true campus city with over 15 university colleges, including 3 colleges, sports equipment and leisure facilities.

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Faculty of Ingegnery

The degree program in Architecture Engineering is part of the Engineering School's offering, which includes 13 other courses, 4 three-year courses, 8 master courses and 1 single-cycle master's degree. Courses are managed and organized by DICAr (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture) and DIII (Department of Industrial Engineering and Information).

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The DICAr (Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture) is active in the three sections of Civil, Hydraulics and Architecture. Within it, more than 60 teachers and researchers carry out their theoretical and applied research activities. In the Architecture section there are 5 labs, STEP, Dada, Uplab, AML, ChinaLab, Geomatica.

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Workshop Mobile House Ecolab

From February 25th to March 1st 2019 the 1st Workshop “Mobile House Ecolab” will be held at the Engineering Faculty of Pavia on the topic of designing mobile homes for sustainable tourism.
The objective […]



Awarded to students of the fourth edition of the international competition
organized by VMZINC. Also mention is an Italian university.
The fourth prize ceremony took place in Paris on October 19, 2017
Wmzinc Campus Archizinc Competition, […]



The University of Pavia has been confirmed as one of the major universities according to the Censis-Repubblica 2017/2018 ranking, announced on July 3, 2017. For the ninth consecutive year, our University, with 91.6 points out […]


A graduate in Pavia wins Fulbright bag for UC Berkeley

Graduated last spring in the Graduate Degree in Architecture Engineering, Giulia Scagliotti, a student attorney at his university, has not stopped looking for the best opportunities to grow. The New College and IUSS had […]



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