The student Antonio Nuccio obtains the first International Double Degree with UJI

Antonio Nuccio is the first student from Pavia to have achieved the international Double Degree between the Course in Building Engineering-Architecture and the Degree of Technical Architect of the Jaume 1 University (UJI) of Castillon de la Plana (Spain). This DOuble Degree program involves a year of study in Spain in Castellon de la Plana, also possible through the Erasmus + exchange. The Spanish title of Technical Arquitecto acquired at the end of the Pavia course corresponds to a professional figure who works on construction sites and who has advanced technical skills in the field of construction and construction management.

The student who did a thesis on the expansion of a tourist village comments on his experience: “in addition to having had the opportunity to get in touch with the Spanish culture and professional world, I was able to expand my technical, managerial and construction skills”.

Six other students from Pavia have already taken the same path and are about to complete their training in Pavia.