Design Summer School – Mobile Home ECOlab

The Summer School “Mobile Architecture and new ways of living in the area” which will take place electronically from 6 to 11 July 2020.
The activities are organized in a series of conferences and in a workshop in the form of a competition with delivery of the final papers in September. 2 ECTS will be awarded to those who participate in the conferences and 4 ECTS to those who also participate in the workshop.

Among the guests Cherubino Gambardella, Andres Jaque, Carmen Andriani, Orazio Carpenzano, Izaskun Chinchilla, Gianluigi Mondaini, Aldo Cibic, Camillo Magni, Alessandro Rocca.
The workshop can be attended individually or in groups (up to a maximum of 3 members).
Further information can be found in the announcement on the website



Mobile Architecture and new ways of living in the territory” is an International Design Summer School that explores the theme of minimal and mobile architecture as a tool to define new ways of living and reactivating the spaces of uncertainty that characterize contemporary society. The second edition of Mobile Home ECOlab intends to promote a reflection on the relationship that exists between permanence and temporariness of architecture and on the possibility of intervening with minimal and reversible acts to trigger new ways of living in the territory.

 The International Design Summer School will take place on-line and is organized by the University of Pavia with the collaboration of CrippaConcept, a leading Italian company in the mobile home sector. The idea is to export the industrial product of mobile homes, now more than consolidated for the outdoor tourism sector, in other areas, in order to be able to respond quickly and effectively to emergency situations and rapid economic and cultural changes that are affecting our society.