Awarded to students of the fourth edition of the international competition

organized by VMZINC. Also mention is an Italian university.

The fourth prize ceremony took place in Paris on October 19, 2017

Wmzinc Campus Archizinc Competition, organized for students

university of the Faculty of Architecture and Architecture of all Europe. Theme

of the project “Building Around”, designed for dressmaking (an edi (ie residential)

collective in the city freely chosen by the participants. The proposal

had to s (give two current social issues: urban dispersion and building


The international jury has given a special mention to the project “The

Frame “presented by students Giovanni Colombo, Giulia Romano, Ortensia

Staccioli and followed by the professors Luca Beraghi and Elena Romano inside

of the Building Technologies for Sustainable Architecture A.A. of the

Unique Cycle Degree Program in Architecture Engineering

of the University of Pavia.

The students chose, in agreement with the Rector of the College Prof. Alessandro

Greek, as edi (that is, reference to develop one of the project idea)

edi (of the Collegium Golgi, residence for student edi (date on the nineteenth century

and is located in a residential neighborhood, close to the city center, university and

hospital. Originally designed for public housing, its use has been

intended for collective residence for students in its last year of construction.

This change explains the lack of space and some functions that

this type of building which usually requires.

Press release

Pavia, 27 October 2017